Répondeur Automatik


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One of the artists is late, the other is pacing nervously. The gallery owner is running here, there and everywhere. The attendant is in position. The drinks are ready. The scrounger is prowling outside, ready to pounce. The old friend should already be here. The first visitors finally start to arrive …

“Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! The show is about to begin.”
Répondeur Automatik is the collective of artists Marilyne GRIMMER and Susanne WECK. Founded in Brussels in 2013, Répondeur Automatik was created to give time and space to the practices of Situationist questionning, playful ideas and realistic masquerades. For Display, Répondeur Automatik was inspired by the specific configuration of the B-Gallery to stage an exhibition, its rituals, traditions, habits and customs in which everyone has a role to play or not…

© Marilyne GRIMMER & Susanne WECK