CENTRALE for contemporary art

The ambition of the CENTRALE for contemporary art is to give contemporary visual arts the widest possible audience. This centre for contemporary art of Brussels City seeks to raise questions about today’s society. The idea is to be a space that is open to the world, Europe, the city and the neighbour-hood, and to respond to the specific characteristics of Brussels, with its diverse population and rich cultures.


CENTRALE | box is integrated in CENTRALE for contemporary art, a space dedicated to emerging creation. Visitors can access it freely. CENTRALE.box has the same opening hours as CENTRALE. The artist will have his/her solo exhibit parallel to the main exhibit.


CENTRALE | lab is a space managed by CENTRALE for contemporary art to be used for experimentation by Brussels’ visual artists under 35 years. There, the city of Brussels offers them the opportunity to build their first solo exhibition. Selection is made by a jury of professionals based on a call for projects.