Audience & Cultural Mediation

‘In short, [the artwork] is a product with two opposite poles: the creator and the beholder. Personally, I give as much importance to the latter as to the author.’
Marcel Duchamp

Mediation at Centrale:

  • Accessibility
  • Meeting
  • Audience participation/co-creation and engagement
  • Transmission of skills and knowledge
  • Making contemporary art accessible

Centrale is a communal art centre offering a varied programme to the public. For several years now, the Audience Manager and the mediation team have been striving to transform Centrale into a meeting place for artists and audiences from all walks of life and backgrounds – to create a space where the public could casually get acquainted with contemporary art, which is too often the victim of prejudices and of its supposed snobbery.

In order to achieve that goal, Centrale focuses on the following objectives:

  • ensuring quality artistic experience
  • guaranteeing social inclusion by using fitting communication tools and media therefore enabling all audiences to become aware of the existence of the organised exhibitions
  • cementing the local character of Centrale by taking part in the associative world and in the districts of the City of Brussels.

Therefore Centrale highly values:

  • local, direct and personalised contact between audiences, artists, participants and every form of cultural expression (discussion meetings, workshops, collective creations, guided tours, visit supports, animation/mediation in the context of events).
  • taking into account the audience’s knowledge and expectations in order to offer support tailored to the visitors specificities such as age, handicap or socio-economic background.