Webinar La Vie matérielle

Webinar La Vie matérielle (EN)
19.01.2022, 19:00
Free of charge, on booking

On the occasion of the exhibition La Vie matérielle, CENTRALE invites you to meet online the co-curator Carine Fol and the artists Ludovica Gioscia & Lieve Van Stappen. An opportunity to exchange with them and discover the other side of the scene!

Moderation: Alice Ciresola

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Alice Ciresola

Alice Ciresola, is art historian and independent curator. She holds a MA in Visual and Performing Arts from IUAV University, Venice, and a MA in Exhibition Practices from ARBAEsa,  Brussels. Her research revolves around strategies of material and immaterial heritage re-interpretation through site-specific art interventions. She is also interested in the potential of the audience within processes of meaning-making in exhibition contexts. Her writings and articles have been selected by M – Museum Leuven, Frans Hals Museum, roots&routes and other web magazines. Her projects have been presented in Fortuny Museum (Venice), Łaznia CCA (Gdansk), Het Entrepot, Groeningemuseum, Gruuthusemuseum (Brugge).

Ludovica Gioscia

Ludovica Gioscia (1977, Roma) lives and works in London. She graduated with a Master of Fine Art Media from the Slade School of Art in 2004 and has since developed an international career. For La Vie matérielle, she created a new large-scale installation, which is the result of an intimate and process-based journey. Suspended textile works portray the artist’s close relationship with her cat Arturo. Auras and psychic exchanges are enshrined between layers of translucent fabric. Arturo’s hair, meticulously collected during moments of emotional and spiritual exchange, is fused together with other materials, such as old magnetic tapes that the artist left on the shelves of her studio. The shadows cast on the walls by the hanging textiles is made up of countless small sculptures in various stages of completion. These shadows and fabrics are witnesses to the artist’s emotional sedimentations, enhanced in the alchemical laboratory that is the artist’s studio.

Lieve Van Stappen

Lieve Van Stappen (1958, Wilrijk) lives and works in Ghent. She studied monumental arts (painting) and sculpture at the LUCA School of Arts 15 (formerly St Lucas), but soon realised that this training would not be enough. She continued her education in various types of evening classes, workshops and adult education. She has developed a very varied body of work in terms of medium, technique and content. In recent years, Lieve Van Stappen’s work has been exhibited at the Flanders Fields Museum, as well as in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil. Following personal events, she has been developing a kaleidoscopic and multimedia “work in progress” for several years now, in which she shows the bruised body and challenges the codes of the gaze on both illness and art, and probes the dominant visions in a personal, as well as historical and socio-political context. Her work reveals what is hidden and becomes a credo for survival in the face of disease, celebrating life. For La Vie matérielle, she will present a series of works dedicated to the gesture of women and the intense link between humans and nature.