Nocturne at CENTRALE

Nocturne at CENTRALE – Meet the artists
17:00 > 22:00
€ 5 (+26 years) / 2,5 (6-25 years) / 1,25 (Art. 27)
Info & tickets :

The exhibition This is what you came for is conceived as an encounter and an invitation. The proposal grew out of the almost ritualistic actions and creations that Els Dietvorst started during the C19 lockdown. This is what you came for at CENTRALE and Bozar creates a fluid wave between the two places where one mirrors the other. A myriad of mediums including sculpture, installation, video and performance will introduce you to the universe of Els Dietvorst, in which she is always looking for connections with people and creates places for encounters.

Oussama Tabti presents the exhibition Alien at CENTRALE | box. His work questions hermetic geopolitics, made up of impassable borders and enclosed cults.

Helen Anna Flanagan presents the project Deeply, Madly at CENTRALE | lab. A work-in-progress including a film, an installation, watercolours and more.

Reggy Timmermans & Beatrijs Albers present the project DEEP SIX at CENTRALE | vitrine. Timmermans & Albers are multidisciplinary artists who work with installation, sculpture, video and photography.