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Centrale | vitrine

Reggy Timmermans & Beatrijs Albers present the project DEEP SIX at CENTRALE | vitrine (28.04 > 12.06.2022). Timmermans & Albers are multidisciplinary artists who work with installation, sculpture, video and photography.

For their project DEEP SIX, the duo of artists Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans focus on six objects which are in relation to the context and environment of CENTRALE | vitrine. The objects are treated in such a way that their primary, original representation – the one made by humans – gives way to their very own physiological qualities.

The material of which these objects are made is revealed; the interactions between the objects are unusual; the observer’s gaze gets disturbed. With this work process, the artists create a new ecosystem within the exhibition space and shake up the way we usually perceive things. The central place of the human being is questioned, the usual hierarchy is turned on its head.

Reggy Timmermans & Beatrijs Albers have decided to question the impact of Man in this period of the Anthropocene, in which the dualisms of modern thought – subject/object, nature/culture, body/spirit – are the sources of all possible discrimination and exploitation.

With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation



Exhibition view: Deep Six, CENTRALE | vitrine © Philippe de Gobert, april 2022


CENTRALE | vitrine
Rue Sainte-Catherine 13
1000 Brussels

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