Helen Anna Flanagan

Deeply, Madly

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Helen Anna Flanagan presents the project Deeply, Madly at CENTRALE | lab (28.04 > 18.09.2022). A work-in-progress including a film, an installation, watercolours and more.

Burdened by an irrational fear of being pushed onto the metro tracks, a woman muses on what it is to fall. To fall flat, but also to fall heavily in love, deep into sleep, or into a holiday pool that time on a faraway Greek Island at 2am. Water acts as an important element. Waves keep crashing, summoning Deeply, Madly as an obsession with moments of be­ing mid-motion—bodies, emotions and time that all succumb to gravitational forces—from the lovesick, to the slapstick, to the macabre.

The film Deeply, Madly will be shot in two phases throughout 2022 and rely on the seasonal shifts in weather (winter vs summer). CENTRALE | lab will function as a site to present and expand the project, as a part-time studio and exhibition space featuring new video excerpts, sound, writing and watercolour prints, culminating in the presentation of a final single-channel film.

Laureate of the City of Brussels, Art Contest Prize 2021



With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


Exhibition view: Helen Anna Flanagan, CENTRALE | lab © Ph: Philippe De Gobert, april 2022


Place Sainte-Catherine 16
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