Title: Mindscapes
Author: Carine Fol, Michael Kröger, Julien Libert, Catherine Mayeur
Publisher: City of Brussels, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions
Publication: Printed in June 2012
Format: 1 vol. (77 p.) : 20 x 25.5 cm
Collection: /
Summary: This catalogue offers a subjective and intuitive journey of discovery to the heart of photographic representation of people and landscapes, a journey that questions the representation of the mind, the thoughts, the loss of oneself, the relationship between beings and nature, and of the unspeakable.

How can photography capture the things that evade rational vision, such as disappearance, evanescence, infinity, perception, or time? In this project, the photo or video image is understood as the interface between reality and the imaginary, the perceptible and the imperceptible, while its aim is for the camera or video camera to capture the elusive world hidden behind the outer appearance of people and things.

Artists: Nicolas Bomal, Dirk Braeckman, Daniel Brunemer, Jacques Charlier + Yaël Nazé , Florence Chevalier, Julien Coulommier, Louis Darget, Carl De Keyzer, Joy Episalla, Andreas Gursky, Viviane Joakim, Nicolas Leroy, David Lynch, Ana Mendieta, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Jorma Puranen, Pierre Radisic, Man Ray, Stephen Sack, Stephen Shore, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miroslav Tichý, Endre Tot, Marc Trivier, Gaël Turine , Sarah Van Marcke, Bill Viola, Albert Von Schrenck-Notzing, Francesca Woodman
Topic: photography
Language: French, English and Dutch
Document type: printed text, illustrations
Identifier: ISBN : 9-789079-502189
Price: € 20,00