The Causes of Things

Collection of the Centre national des arts plastiques [FRANCE]

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Through a selection of around 100 works from the Centre national des arts plastiques collection [French National centre for visual arts], with particular focus on the young French scene, the exhibition seeks to trace the source of creative thought and action.
The artist assumes the role of lucid observer of the world and artistic creation. He plays freely with the forms of historical avantgardes, casts a critical glance at the originality of forms and systems of thought, and seeks to cast off constraints and to affirm the primacy of chance and progressive effacement.
The mission of CNAP is to support and promote contemporary art in all its diversity, including among other the support for creation.
It also runs a national collection of over 93.000 works, the fonds national d’art contemporain [National Fund of Contemporary Art], which it enriches, preserves and makes known in France and abroad. This prospective collection, unique in its scope, is set out to be a reflection of the contemporary art scene.

© Mircea Cantor, Echoing Reconstitution, 2004