Chaque jour, je suis avec toi

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Winner of the Prize of the City of Brussels, Prix Médiatine 2017
Photo installation

Sarah Lowie studied photography at ESA Le Septantecinq in Brussels, and did an additional year in screen and printmaking. She exhibited for the first time at Contretype gallery in Brussels in 2016, then at Boutographies 2017 in Montpellier. Sarah Lowie was invited to Art Truc Troc, organized by BOZAR in January 2018, and made an Extra-Fort at Recyclart in February 2018. She received the Prix Médiatine 2017, Award of the City of Brussels, which gave her the opportunity to exhibit at CENTRALE.

Sarah Lowie has self-published her book Sixmille in 100 copies, made by herself.

Project published in BURN magazine (

“The important thing is to see the distance taken. Emotions and feelings change, fade, alter. Nothing is permanent except change. This is our story. The story of our love. It’s the sequel to Sixmille … ”

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