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CENTRALE for contemporary art and the Saint-Pierre University Hospital (Brussels) present piKuur, a project of photographic exhibitions.

Every two months, artist Vincen Beeckman presents in the main lobby of the Saint-Pierre University Hospital new series of photographs, genuine X-rays of life in a hospital, while offering a reading of the institution’s history. The shows broach the everyday life of the hospital as well as some hidden realities unknown of the public. This project is shown at the crossroads of human encounters. The material for thinking about exhibitions emerges from this city within the city. This truly participatory project involves all the hospital’s stakeholders (employees, patients and their visitors).

Coupled with the institution’s archives, plethora anecdotes and testimonials represent the basis of the different visual forms presented.

piKuur is not a photographic report, but rather a long-term participatory project carried out hand in hand with the people involved. The aim does not consist in revealing extraordinary things, but to go in depth with various people and include them in a project, bringing out the talents and specificities of each one, and many little simple and beautiful stories.

Vincen Beeckman would compare his intervention to that of a conductor who tries to work with people all the while respecting them.

Do you have a fond memory of the Saint-Pierre University Hospital? An anecdote, or simply something you would like to share? Whether you are a (former) doctor, patient, visitor, send your photos, messages etc. to Vincen Beeckman:

28.01 > 28.03.2021: piKuur #1: unlimited hospitality from the hospital cleaning service, wrestling, medieval games and JCVD, just that.
01.04 > 06.05.2021: piKuur #2: a mole’s work, a collection of dentures, microfilms all over the place, old files and archives brought back to life.
17.06 > 29.08.2021: piKuur #3: in the medical archives of the Research Unit. 10 years of records, files and valuable information about the hospital’s patients.
02.09 > 12.12.2021: piKuur #4: on the ninth floor of the site of Caesar de Paepe, there is a physiotherapy space for seniors. There one experiences revalidation, weight training, learning how to avoid falls. It is a world in which everything flows slowly, where the atmosphere is hushed, where one finds a magnificent panoramic view on Brussels.
16.12.2021 > 13.02.2022: piKuur # 5: Day and night, the doors of the hospital are manned and secure, with the corridors and entrances conveying a sense of comfort. The security service keeps a watchful eye and intervenes when issues arise within the hospital walls. Conflicts and bad energy are defused or shown the door. This new series is about the men in the wings who keep you safe in the hospital 24/7.

Vincen Beeckman

Brussels-based Vincen Beeckman feeds off the universes that he roams and that move him in his practice. Collaborating intensely and as often as possible with the characters that fill his images, he can also become their model or form a storytelling duo with them. Immersed in the field, inside groups, he often positions himself as the guiding thread of a photographic collection under construction. In the Cracks project for instance, Vincen Beeckman used disposable cameras in collaboration with the homeless of Brussels Central Station.

His work focuses on the fragility of human life and the positive energy that can be decoded or injected into it. As the designer of offbeat projects such as La Fusée de la Motographie or La Pêche aux Canards Belge (Arles, 2019), the photographer also knows how to distance himself from an image and assemble mythical or realistic stories through other mediums such as sound, text, jam-making or still, tea dances…

Another remarkable talent: Vincen is a fan of miniature golf!


An initiative of the Aldermanship for Cultural Affairs of the City of Brussels


piKuur – a project of exhibitions at Saint-Pierre University Hospital
rue Haute 322
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