Marie-Laure DELABY

The owls are not what they seem

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Paintings / Multimedia installation

As this quote from the television series “Twin Peaks“ (David Lynch & Mark Frost, 1990-1991) says so well, appearances can be deceptive. Whether it is question of dark woods or corridors of the underground, we are slightly aware of the hidden realities and the parallel worlds which inhabit them.
Taking inspiration from urban spaces encoutered in daily life, the work of Marie-Laure Delaby calls upon these parallel realities: travelling from photography via painting to installation, the image becomes the receptacle of our imagination. Her work questions our contemporary environment through multiple manipulations of the medium.
Indeed, the exhibition “The owls are not what they seem“ leads the viewer to discover various stages in the mutation of the painted image. Transformed into a reactive installation or a projection surface, it becomes generator of illusions, questionning the reality of the space, of the image and the experience undergone.

© Marie-Laure DELABY