Lucas Castel & Mathilde Mahoudeau

Deuxième saison

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In the documentary project Deuxième saison, photographers Mathilde Mahoudeau and Lucas Castel explore through image and sound the various issues related to the possible re-opening of a mining site in Ariège (France).

The exhibition mixes the photographic medium with a sound piece, the results of testimonies collected on site. In February 2020, a first version of Deuxième saison was presented at the Wolubilis Cultural Centre in Brussels for the exhibition Médiatine, for which the artist duo was awarded the City of Brussels Prize. In 2021, a new version of Deuxième saison is exhibited at On this occasion, Lucas Castel and Mathilde Mahoudeau present a self-edition bringing together the different pieces of their documentary. The project is also presented at 104 in Paris, as part of the Circulation(s) festival from 13 March to 2 May 2021.


Exhibition view: Lucas Castel & Mathilde Mahoudeau, CENTRALE | box © Philippe de Gobert, june 2021

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