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Inspired by the painters of Chennai (Madras), famed for their Bollywood cinema posters, Johan MUYLE developes since the 1990s monumental installations combining urban and popular expression. In the monographic exhibition INDIAN STUDIO, held as part of the Festival europalia.india, the CENTRALE presents, for the first time ever in Belgium, a series of these installations, which have already been exhibited throughout the world.
Johan MUYLE will also show a recent series of motorised sculptures made from objects brought back from his numerous trips to India.
Johan MUYLE’s work questions both our individual and our cultural identity. Be it his assemblages of mechanised objects or his monumental installations, the visual and formal paradoxes of Johan MUYLE’s work lead to a critical reading in the face of culture and society.
For this exhibition, the Fonds Mercator publishes the trilingual work Johan Muyle, Indian Studio (1995 -…). It is the first significant monograph dedicated to the artist’s Indian years and includes a critical contribution from the Belgian author Bernard MARCELIS.

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