Irina Favero-Longo

Heavy mechanics

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Centrale | vitrine

Irina Favero-Longo‘s video project Heavy mechanics at CENTRALE | vitrine (24.11.2022 > 05.03.2023) is based on an urban device present in an everyday landscape: the racing machine of the playground located on Quai à la Houille in Brussels.

In this exhibition, the artist questions this machine in its relationship to the bodies that straddle it and to the gravity of the ground, as well as to its inscription in the space where it is located. The machine is seen as an absorbing device, triggering mental projections, words and reflections.

Irina Favero-Longo starts from her practice of video image to question the behaviour of bodies in relation to a specific context. She creates devices that highlight the porous relationship between the body and its environment: in contact with each other, both elements are subject to absorption, resistance, alteration and deformation. The shapes created by the artist stem from the structures and symbols she finds in urban territories and their influences on our bodies and our individual histories.

Her practice is based on the spaces we inhabit and the passage from one to the other. Inside, the domestic space of “home”, and outside, the public space.
She questions both the relationship of the body to the video device and that of the body to the urban environment.  Her work reveals a sense of strangeness and absurdity that emanates from this encounter between bodies and devices.


With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation



CENTRALE | vitrine
Rue Sainte-Catherine 13
1000 Brussels

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