Axel Korban

Expecting my mind to be in a better shape

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CENTRALE | vitrine

Expecting my mind to be in a better shape (23.06 > 23.10.2022) presents the work of artist Axel Korban in an installation created for CENTRALE | vitrine. An invitation to bridge two worlds in a synthetic, multidimensional reality.

The exhibition brings together in a single display a body of works in resin and metal.

Axel Korban works on a hybrid aesthetic of ‘digital trauma’, attempting to describe what he calls “conflict images” and to divert the objects that populate them.

The artist extracts plastic organic forms, an alloy of different materials such as steel, industrial foam and textiles. These materials and forms of opposite natures nevertheless share the technological interface of which they are the product: the 3D space of simulation.

Expecting my mind to be in a better shape addresses the foundations of Axel Korban’s work, which in recent years has been devoted to the creation of computer-modelled 3D exhibitions, mixing real places filled with virtual objects, and virtual places populated with real objects.


With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Exhibition view: Expecting my mind to be in a better shape, CENTRALE | vitrine © Philippe de Gobert, june 2022


CENTRALE | vitrine
Rue Sainte-Catherine 13
1000 Brussels

Visible day & night



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