The Great Wall

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Winner of the Prize of the City of Brussels, Prix Médiatine 2016
Film Installation

Presented for the first time, this film installation is part of the “Chinese pieces”, produced by the artist during a trip between Beijing, Hanoi and Hong Kong in 2017. The film, shot in 16mm makes us see one of the ends – or beginnings – of the Great Wall, where it meets the Yellow Sea in the Gulf of Bohai. The 30 meters of 16mm film  stretches itself over a straight line, dividing the space in two. By blocking access to one half of the exhibition space, the film thus spatialized, fulfills its function of barrier while conveying the image of the most monumental barricade in humanity. An equivalence arises between spatial occupation and representational space, between form and content. The image of the wall would be the symbolic outcome of the device, and the device the synthetic body of the image of the wall.

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