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04 & 18.12.2019 ; 08 & 22.01.2020 ; 05 & 19.02.2020 – 14:00 > 16:00 – € 5 (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)
Intergenerational workshops (from 8 years)

Info and reservations :  – 02 279 64 44

Based on the visits of the exhibitions and discovery of the oeuvre of Roger Ballen and Ronny Delrue, artist Marion Fabien offers 6 workshops during which the participants will manipulate various materials and broach several disciplines in a contemporary, experimental methodology.

04.12.2019 – Workshop 01 : Bestiary

Researches of forms and figures around the theme of the Bestiary. Real or imaginary animals. Hybridization of forms. Researches on drawing, then on monotype. Impressions and overprints. The various researches will be made into a little publication.

18.12.2019 – Workshop 02 : Hybridization of materials

Starting from an inventory of materials (clay / plaster / cardboard / wood / string / plastic / wire / small reclaimed objects, etc.), and using manipulation, we shall try to make little sculptures by combining several materials with different plastic properties. Modelling / moulding / assemblage / sculpture.

08.01.2020 – Workshop 03 : Flip Book

Creation of a little book in which shapes, drawings, and characters become animated. Researches on the distortion and evolution on paper from one page to the next. Graphic researches and exploration on the notions of movement and animation.

22.01.2020 – Workshop : Face of the monster

Graphic researches using the printing technique. Realisation of stamps and ink prints. Using overprint, we will make a monstrous portrait, big or small.

05.02.2020 – Workshop : Shadows

Work around light and shadow. Drawing researches based on experimentations on silhouettes on small formats. Contours / forms / aperture / flat areas / work with China ink. A small publication will record the various experimentations.

19.02.2020 – Workshop : Carnival

Realisation of finery or masks. Research on the figure of the mask and its representation. Manipulation of various materials using the assemblage technique: cardboard / paper / plastic straws / sticky tape / survival blanket…


Marion Fabien

After obtaining her DNAP at Angoulême’s école de l’image, Marion completed her cursus in Master Sculpture at La Cambre. Her researches take place in the public space of Brussels. Originally, they were intended to help her discover a city she did not know, and since then, it has become the essence of her approach. She makes contextual work in link with the inhabitants and users of a location; encounters interest her more than anything else. She loves working in zones in mutation, wastelands, frontiers… Through a wide range of mediums: installations, in situ, ceramics, sculpture, publications, she focuses her interest on architecture, urban planning and the tales of the people she meets. Within the framework of residencies or workshops, she develops her artistic practice of plastic arts and continues to believe in the treasures of artistic awakening. Thinking and creating together.

[ATELIERS] Marion Fabien from Centralebrussels on Vimeo.