Workshop at CENTRALE with Pélagie Gbaguidi

14:00 > 16:00 – 
€ 5 (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)

Intergenerational workshops (from 8 years)
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During a 2-hour initiation on a Wednesday afternoon, artists explain their practice, offering the audience an opportunity to explore new techniques and means of expression (sculpture, dance, sound creation, video) inspired by the exhibition. Workshops steered by the artists and partner organisations of BXL UNIVERSEL II:

Workshop conducted in French

In connection with the work In Praxis Decolonial presented in the exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL II:, the artist Pélagie Gbaguidi proposes an artistic workshop that deconstructs stereotypes linked to the concept of race, in a context of decolonisation. Pélagie will start the workshop with a visit of the exhibition and a contextualisation of the subject and its historical content. Through the technique of drawing, she will allow the participants, from 8 years old, to explore and express themselves on this subject.

About the artist : Pélagie Gbaguidi

PÉLAGIE GBAGUIDI (1965, Dakar, Senegal), Beninese, lives and works in Brussels. She has a degree from the École des Beaux Arts Saint-Luc.
She exhibits internationally and has taken part in the 11th edition of the Berlin Biennale (2019) and at the 14th edition of the Documenta in Kassel (2017) . As
a contemporary ‘griot’, the artist embarks on a reflection through a plastic orality against the process of forgetting in history, particularly in colonial periods.
For BXL UNIVERSEL II:, the artist is proposing In Praxis Decolonial, an installation resulting from participatory work with young students. She gave rise to an artistic and collective action on societal problems, in a context of resurgent debates on nationalism and identity politics, racism and discrimination. This project is included in her thinking on the process of decolonisation of education.

With contributions in Brussels of 12th grade students at the APESA (preparatory workshops for higher art education), teachers Maïté Fiolle, Nadia Berriche, Simon Damamme; 13th grade students of the Institut Sainte-Marie in Saint-Gilles, teachers Sarah Joris, Sébastien Marandon, Marie Philippe