Q(ee)r Codes

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Graphics: Marzia Dalfini

Q(ee)R Codes

How does the public and urban space refer us back to our gendered assignments and positions?
In which conditions and for which reasons a space is perceived as safe and welcoming or on the contrary hostile for cis or trans  women or queer people?
Between visibility and invisibility strategies, what are our daily gestures of resistance and emancipation in the street and with others?

The project Q(ee)R Codes aims at exploring the complexity of this question in a collective manner

Q(ee)R Codes – New Boundaries BXL 1000 is part of an itinerant and long-term artistic project initiated by the artist Anna Raimondo. The project questions the presence and experience of cis, trans and queer women in their cities. Through listening and oral research on one hand and creating new spaces of imagination, confrontation and dialogue on the other, Q(ee)R Codes – New Boundaries BXL 1000 intends to be a  platform of reflection and an invitation to redefine the position of women in public space by carrying out a series of sound walks in the city center of Brussels. By inviting the participants to describe the spaces they  inhabit via the sensations produced by these spaces, as well as the stories and memories that animate them, Q(ee)R Codes – Nouvelles frontières BXL 1000 proposes a cartography of Brussels beyond any universal geography, but rather mediated by voices and subjectivities.


Q(ee)R Codes – New Boundaries in Brussels is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.
The project is supported by BNA-BBOT, CENTRALE for contemporary art, MOUSSEM – Nomadic Arts Center, nadine vzw
In partnership with Q-O2

Interviews, editing and realisation : Anna Raimondo
Extra recordings : Anne Lepère and Flavien Gillié
Sound Mix : Flavien Gillié
Graphics : Marzia Dalfini
Production : Dounia Mojahid

With the participation of Annette Baussart, Sihoban Blondiau, Gaia Carabillo, Juliette Claus, Lou Dikenda, Séverine Irène V. Janssen, Ophélie Mac, Shahin Mohammad, Aghate Meziani, Laura Nsengiyumva, Laura Ughetto, Aïda Yancy, Loup Kass.