PERFORMANCES – Angyvir Padilla

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PERFORMANCES – Angyvir Padilla
19.10.2021 : 10:00 > 14:00
20.10.2021: 14:00 > 18:00
06.11.2021 : 14:00 > 17:00
07.11.2021 : 14:00 > 17:00
CENTRALE | vitrine (Visible from Rue Sainte-Catherine 13)

For Home contains us and is within us # Ste Catherine 13, Angyvir Padilla proposes an installation consisting of a new floor entirely covered with plastic sheets, which becomes the decor and the receptacle for clay objects referring to those found in a household. The notions of time, memory and home run through the exhibition space. The artist, at times, performs in the space where she develops her work in progress. Her movements – walking, watering the clay, modelling the objects, placing them, etc. –  are captured by a camera and retransmitted onto a screen as part of the installation, visible from the street at all times.

‘Angyvir explores a territory that she discovers with her body, thus making it her own. She moves tentatively towards its heart, a space that is intangible and uninhabited, defining it with her hands and with the only material she can interact with: blocks of clay. This place that seemed saturated with absence comes to life in the dialogue between the material and her body, allowing those objects that represent an idea of home to flourish. There are infinite possibilities to the substance of the clay when in contact with the body’s heat. Angyvir’s footsteps and her handling of the material reveals the impermanence of its form and allows the objects to take on their own life. They evolve in their form and function until finally, exhausted, they return to their origin, which is Angyvir, her body, her essence.’  – Monica Echegarreta

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Rue Sainte-Catherine 13
1000 Brussels