Passa Porta Festival – Refuge: a haven of words

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As part of Passa Porta Festival
25 & 26.03.2023 – 14:00 > 17:00
CENTRALE for contemporary art & Globe Aroma

Between those moments when you meet your favourite writer and discover new voices, the festival invites you to take up your pen (or coloured pencils!) and to put down on paper what you have to say. Would you rather take the time to read or meditate on what the authors have just shared with you? These spaces are also dedicated to you, so please feel welcome!

CENTRALE: writing and drawing

Inspired by what you’ve seen and heard at the festival? Then it’s time for you to create something of your own! A table with paper and with drawing and writing materials is waiting for you behind CENTRALE’s reception space. Say what you want to say in words or pictures, and display it on the shelves or share it at the open mic on the other side of the square.

Globe Aroma: read

Globe Aroma, a space dedicated to newcomer artists, will open up the doors of its library. It houses the ‘Diasporic Library’ of Isabelle N’Diaye, Joachim Ben Yakoub and Sofia Dati. This library gathers many stories, books, magazines and fanzines that matter to diasporas and spread their knowledge. You will also find migration stories edited by Globe Aroma artists.

A little extra? Two ‘Samen Lezen’ (Reading together) sessions will be held at 13:30 and 15:00. They will focus on the festival texts and will be in Dutch.


picture © seven shooter