Meet the artist Maren Dubnick and the curator Clémentine Davin (FR)

Clementine Davin & Maren Dubnick, Mars 2024
Musée de l’électricité Recklinghausen (DE) 
© Maren Dubnick

Meet the artist Maren Dubnick and the curator Clémentine Davin (FR)
20:00 Meeting and discussion

Rdv: Centrale | vitrine
13 rue Sainte-Catherine
1000 Brussels

At a time when Centrale is undergoing a major transformation of its exhibition and public spaces, and reaffirming its new identity, Maren Dubnick (visual artist) and Clémentine Davin (curator) are reactivating the original function of the site, with the aim of offering a social and historical insight into the art centre which was once the first power station of the City of Brussels. Through an installation in Centrale | vitrine, the duo takes a look at the evolving use of electricity and its impact on contemporary society, creating a metaphorical link between the past and future lives of Centrale. More info over the installation ACCUMULATOR.

From May 16 to July 6 2024, Maren Dubnick is also presenting the exhibition Antichambre at Vetro Concept Store, Rue de Flandre 30 in Brussels.