Charlemagne Palestine // Performatik

26-03 2017 – 20:30
€ 16 / € 12 / € 8


During his studies, Charlemagne Palestine discovered the Bösendorfer Imperial: a piano with 97 keys that ranges across eight complete octaves. With his background with carillons and synthesizers in mind, he developed the strumming technique. The lightning fast alternation of individual notes grows into an overwhelming soundscape. His instrument looks like a sculpted altar made of cuddly toys that he rescued from thrift shops (or, according to him, orphanages). He elevates them to divine creatures or shamanistic totems that are always close by. This performance is the final piece in the exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL.

• The American composer, filmmaker, performer, painter, and installation artist Charlemagne Palestine studied and taught at CalArts (California). His reputation on international avant-gardist stages soon grew, and he later relocated to Brussels.