CENTRALE Cinema – Searching for the frozen time

12.02.2020 – 12:30
Pick-nick welcome !
7 € projection + expo ; 5 € projection ; 3 € students

Searching for the frozen time. A film by Johannes Bucher et Jurgen Buedts
(52’ – NL, French subtitles)

With: Walter De Mulder, Gilbert d’Haen, Georges Vercheval, Stephan Vanfleteren and Gert Jochems.

How do Belgian photographers see their country and its inhabitants? Five renowned photographers return to once-emblematic locations. Industrialisation, modernisation and the disappearance of nature lie at the heart of their preoccupations. As they press the shutter button, the image is already a thing of the past, but will it serve the future?

In partnership with the Centre du Film sur l’Art.