CENTRALE Cinema – Focus Sarah Vanagt

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19.05, 18:00 > 20.05, 09:00
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As part of the exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL II: multipli.city at CENTRALE, discover the city through the eyes of filmmaker Sarah Vanagt.

  • Little Figures, Sarah Vanagt, 2003, 15′ (FR, NL, EN sub EN)

Three children of immigrants—a Philippino boy, a Rwandan refugee girl and a Moroccan boy—carry out an imaginary conversation between three historical statues on the Mont des Arts in Brussels: a king, a queen, and a medieval knight.

This results in a blend of personal experiences, story twists and connections, as well as shreds of previously overheard information on the country’s colonial past. It is precisely this twilight zone between knowing and not-knowing that is fascinating—when children fill the gaps in their knowledge and understanding with fairytale.

  • Divinations, Sarah Vanagt, 2019, 35′ (NL, EN, FR sub FR)

Children from Brussels, Athens and Sarajevo roll out strips of transparent tape onto the streets where they were raised. When they peel back the tape it is left with an imprint of the city: dust, sand, sweet wrappers, insects, glass, fluff … An ultra-realistic diary that is brought to life by an old magic lantern. Do all these shapes and images tell us something about the future?

In partnership with the Centre du Film sur l’Art.