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25.03 > 12.09.2021
Audiovisual installation
Opening: 26.03.2021 – 17:00
119 Rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels
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As part of the forum-exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL II:

Brussels is a name composed of 8 letters. Its average temperature is 10.4 C°, its altitude is 13m and 25% of its population is less than 20 years old. 104 languages are spoken here daily and we have recorded 22.654 of its voices. Every day, languages intermingle to form words, sometimes incongruously, sometimes with no one hearing it, young words that tell the story of the city and reinvent it. WORD SOSS presents a selection of these words and voices through a device created by the artist Mia Melvaer.

The installation consists of two large scale drawings representing wrinkled hides, embedded with language-findings, translations, links and connotations. The two drawings are suspended and displayed behind a series of hanging, transparent sculptures, distorting the view.

The work accompanies a series of sound compilations showing different aspects of the hybrid languages of Brussels. Changing a little from whichever spot you’re looking at them, the appearance of these fragile skins behind magnifying glass act like a careful dissection of the constantly changing language mixes of the city.

Brusselsspeaks is a project of BNA-BBOT (Séverine Janssen, Flavien Gillié, Omar Hobo)
Contributors of words and voices: Ophélie Bouffil, Abdennour Toulni, Jeanne Gougeau, Islin-Lucrezia De Fraye, Marieke Rimaux, Lukas Anthierens
Sound montages:  Ophélie Bouffil,  Jeanne Gougeau et BNA-BBOT
Installation and artwork: Mia Melvaer
Production: BNA-BBOT, 2021