Title: Nothing is permanent. Albert Baronian, profession: gallery holder
Author: Xavier Canonne, Jan Hoet, Daniel Vander Gucht
Publisher: City of Brussels, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions
Publication: Printed in June 2009
Format: 1 vol. 5p.): 16.6 x 21.8 cm
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Summary: The book retraces the career of an avid contemporary art fan, Albert Baronian, who in 1973 boldly opened his first gallery in his Brussels apartment, even though there were already two major galleries at the time: the MTL Gallery in Brussels and the Wide White Space in Antwerp.Sensing the turmoil of a Brussels art scene in its strained dialogue with the Parisian art world, he decided to exhibit avant-garde artists such as the ‘Support-Surfaces’ artists, and to introduce the Belgian public to Arte Povera with artists unknown in Belgium such as Zorio, Merz and Penone, who are now unrivalled on the international scene.  Alain Séchas and Georg Baselitz were also introduced in this pioneering fashion by Baronian, who, in addition, launched the careers of many Belgian artists including Didier Vermeiren, Michel Frère, Benoît Plateus and Marc Trivier. More recently, he has exhibited the work of Wang Du, Lionel Estève and more.
Artists: Marie José Burki, Robert Devriendt, Daniel Dezeuze, Wang Du, Lionel Estève, Michel Frère, Changha Hwang, Chris Johanson, Florian Maier-Aichen, Xavier Mary, Mario Merz, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Jean-François Octave, Giulio Paolini, Benoit Platéus, Eric Poitevin, Ry Rocklen, Yvan Salomone, Charles Sandison, Alain Séchas, Bruno Serralongue, Marc Trivier, Claude Viallat, Thomas Zipp, Gilberto Zorio
Topic: contemporary art, Belgium, gallery owner, history of the Brussels art world
Language: French, English and Dutch
Document type: printed text, illustrations
Identifier: ISBN : 978-2-87317-346-3
Price: € 25,00