Title: Emilo López-Menchero & Esther Ferrer
Authors: Carine Fol, Jean-Michel Botquin, Frank Lamy (MAC VAL Paris)
Editor: Ville de Bruxelles, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions
Publication: Printed 2014
Format: 1 vol. (80 p.) : 17 x 24 cm
Collection: Focus
Summary: Emilio LÓPEZ-MENCHERO, a Brussels citizen of Spanish origin, was singled out by his performances in the capital (such as Checkpoint Charlie at the Canal – 2010) and the emblematic urban integration Pasionaria, a megaphone near the South Station – 2006. Multifaceted artist, he developed a protean work (painting, video, photography, performance). At our suggestion, he chose to enter into dialogue with the world-renowned artist, Esther FERRER, a pioneer of performance art. Both of Spanish origin, their efforts come together through the themes of identity and corporeality. An exceptional exhibition of two artists for whom art is a political space for freedom beyond the dictates of all kinds.
Artists: Emilo López-Menchero & Esther Ferrer
Subject: Contemporary art, performance, Belgium
Languages: FR, NL & EN
Type of document: Printed text, images, two formats bundled
Identification:  ISBN : 9789079502219
Price: € 5,00