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Authors: The 11 artists in the exhibition and the partner organisations are given a free hand: BNA-BBOT – Globe Aroma – Kunstenpunt – MOUSSEM – Zinneke, an introduction by the Alderman for Culture Delphine Houba, texts by Carine Fol, an interview by Florence Cheval with Carine Fol and Tania Nasielski, curators of the exhibition ;
“Can art save the city” by Eric Corijn, cultural philosopher and sociologist, “Brussels, open city” by Veronique Bergen, philosopher, “The things I’m afraid of” by Rachida Lamrabet, writer, “(Making) space for urban creation in Brussels” by Dirk De Wit & Sofie Joye,
Publisher: CFC Éditions
Publication: March 2021, Brussels
Format: 170 x 210 mm
Pages: 224 pages
Collection: Collection Essais (Brussels)
Summary: Being the most cosmopolitan city in the world after Dubai, Brussels is
staunchly pluralistic. As the second chapter in a trilogy, BXL UNIVERSEL II: brings together a diverse company of artists, authors, thinkers, players in the field and citizen associations who both question and celebrate its complexity and its rich diversity, and emphasise the unifying role of culture in this world-city.
Artists: Younes Baba-Ali, Vincen Beeckman, Aleksandra Chaushova, Effi & Amir, Hadassah Emmerich, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Stephan Goldrajch, Sabrina Montiel-Soto, Anna Raimondo, Lázara Rosell Albear, Oussama Tabti 
Subject: Contemporary art, Associative organisations, Participatory artworks
Languages: FR, NL, EN
Type of document: publication
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