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Winner of the BCC (Brussels Cologne Contemporaries) Award, Vaast COLSON presents an installation that, as is customary, reflects an unbridled subjectivity which sometimes tends towards the absurd.
His intervention comprises two stages and resonates perfectly with the BXL UNIVERSEL exhibition.

Firstly, the viewer discovers a poster featuring the drawing of the Atomium under construction. The name of a world famous minimalist artist (Dan FLAVIN, Sol LEWIT, Frank STELLA, Donald JUDD, …) is written in the place of each ball. The poster announces a fictional exhibition to take place from 01/01/2076 to 25/03/2077; it begins on the date that the image reproduction rights for the Atomium will no longer apply and ends on Vaast Colson’s 100th birthday.

Afterwards, the viewer enters a small room with black walls and a small mole on the floor whose metaphorical speech is read in the white chalk like a comic talisman:

Being a mole, also referred to as ‘dirt tosser’.
Although one would rather think of them as byproducts of tunneling activity. One is often credited for the sculptural quality of one’s molehills.

The two installations that, at first sight, appear unconnected, metaphorically highlight the subtleties of the artistic field and question the boundaries of art and its economic value.

After the exhibition, in a drawing book, the artist will have collected visitors’ attempts to draw the atom. “It will be fascinating to see the big difference between the mental image and the reproduction”, explains the artist. Finally, an Esherian drawing style arises from explorations of infinity, combinations of patterns which gradually transform into totally different shapes ending with the Atomium redesigned.

© Vaast COLSON