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As part of the Art and Society season DABA Maroc

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The CENTRALE for contemporary art will be the catalyst and relay of part of the young Moroccan arts scene. In a country dominated by the artwork framed or placed on a pedestal for interior decoration, these artists here opt for the freedom of form and medium. They practice the art sound installations, videos, performances or installations (often fabricated with basic materials).
Informed as they are of what is going on in the world of international art, their concern lies however with their immediate neighborhood and is in tune with current debates. They are connected to the social, economic and cultural realities, and respond with poetic and political art. In short, they are engaged artists closely communicating with the public on subjects like work, the right to work, human rights.
As part of DABA Maroc, Mustapha Akrim, Mohamed Arejdal, Younes Baba-Ali, Mohssin Harraki, Mohammed Laouli, Mohamed El Mahdaoui and Simohammed Fettaka, are invited to submit new productions refering to the City of Brussels and its urban environment.

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