Sofhie Mavroudis

A bread in the wall

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Sofhie Mavroudis presents the exhibition A bread in the wall at CENTRALE | box (23.11.2023 > 17.03.2024).

The artist questions the notion of transmission, particularly through language and traditions.

Starting from an incomplete knowledge of her father’s language, she uses gesture as the initiator of a change of state and confers – on the various objects thus created – a symbolism of their own.

Starting with a book written in Greek, the artist erases the words she does not understand. She seeks a creative process that allows the transformation of this object, which has lost its primary role of transmitting history, into a process close to resilience.

Laureate CENTRALE for contemporary art – Carte de Visite ARTopenKUNST 2021

With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


Place Sainte-Catherine 44
1000 Brussels
WED > SUN 10:30 > 18:00

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