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Centrale | vitrine

Vue d'exposition Robberto & Milena Atzori, LA FOULE, 2023 (c) Photo : Philippe de Gobert

Robberto & Milena Atzori present LA FOULE at CENTRALE | vitrine (16.03 > 11.06.2023). Multidisciplinary artists Robberto & Milena have been working as a duo since 2017. Their work blends painting and sculpture with textile art and embroidery. They question the relationship between society and individual obsessions.

The artist duo collaborates in a creative process where both are contaminated by one another. They explore the shifting forces between religion and magic, esotericism and instinct, and wakefulness and sleep.

For their exhibition at CENTRALE | vitrine, Robberto & Milena Atzori propose LA FOULE, populated by polymorphous creatures made entirely of stuffed fabrics covered by watercolours and embroidery. Their almost human-sized dimensions echo the bodies of their audience. The assembly of coloured sculptures underlines not only the plurality of bodies, but also the weakness of the notion of identity. By questioning what we define as “normal”, Robberto & Milena Atzori wish to submit this crowd to the gaze of passers-by on St Catherine Street, revealing the illusion of the immutable character of individual identity.

The vitrine displays a multitude of creatures crammed in the space facing the passers-by on St Catherine Street. Despite the use of colours that evoke harmony, the installation addresses the fear of being confined, crammed into an uncomfortable promiscuity. Between a feeling of unease and a need for contact, LA FOULE looks at the ambivalence of our relationship with otherness.


With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


CENTRALE | vitrine
Rue Sainte-Catherine 13
1000 Brussels

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