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Les danseurs, 2019 © Mathieu Harel Vivier - CENTRALE

Laureate Watch this Space, Contemporary art Biennale of the 50° Nord network

Mathieu Harel Vivier is interested by New Caledonia as a territory crossed by flows. Due to its situation in the Coral Sea and in the South Pacific Ocean, its mining operations, cultural crossbreeding and its customs, each portion of the Caledonian landscape is organised around flows that regulate numerous activities and build a singular landscape.
Whether sea movements, the arrival of ore carriers or transportation of the latter, the entire stake of the artist’s researches resides in the displacement of the uses of the Kanak custom towards a reflection on the deployment of images in space. Mixing photographs, sculpture, sound recordings, videos and archives, two facets of this reflection are presented at and the Espace 36 in France.

With the support of Fresnoy – National Studio of Contemporary Arts, Tourcoing and ESAD (École Supérieure d’Art et de Design) of Valenciennes



© Mathieu Harel Viver

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