Liquidation Totale

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A shop window allows you to see what is in the shops, engaging the eye in a to and fro movement between the interior and exterior. An exhibition is a place where an artist’s work is presented. Completed works, processes, working documents, tools, devices, work in progress? For this exhibition at the B-Gallery, the gallery windows were rendered opaque with a coat of whiting on which was written: LIQUIDATION TOTALE. That is the title of the installation in the interior. Marion Fabien created it for the exhibition space in acknowledgment of the gallery’s situation in a shopping arcade. The message would normally be an invitation to the passer-by to enter the shop to buy the last remaining items of stock. Here, the elements present are conceived not as products but as devices – support for a work or hypothetical article for sale. The different elements of the installation, emptied of their contents, and no longer the support for anything, become a presentation, objects, modules that resonate together. Confronting the visitor with two possible scenarios: the memory of an exhibition or the anticipation of another, one yet to come.

© Marion FABIEN