Jane Alexander – Security

Survey (from the Cape of Good Hope)

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La Centrale Electrique

In a first monographic exhibition in Belgium, prior to its presentation to the Museum for African Art of New York, sculptures, installations, photomontages and videos immerse the audience in the disturbing universe of Jane Alexander, a major South African artist. Born in Johannesburg in 1959, Jane Alexander casts a critical eye over the political situation in her country during and after the apartheid period; in a subversive manner she denounces the violence of segregation, colonialism and, more generally, the domination of certain minorities.

Of a truly international stature, the artist has exhibited in numerous biennial art festivals (Dakar, Havana, Venice, Lyon), participated in Africa Remix, at the Bamako Encounters – African Photography in Mali and many exhibitions particularly in Spain, Finland and the USA. Winner of the prestigious Daimler Chrysler Prize in Germany in 2002, her works are held in many museum and private collections.