Everyday Utopias

A project of the Centre d'Art la Panera of Lleida

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La Centrale Electrique

La Centrale électrique, European Centre for Contemporary Art of the City of Brussels, exists 1 year!

Its 5th grand exhibition, from July 13 juli through September 23 2007, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Centre d’Art la Panera. The exhibition Everyday Utopias consists therefore of a rare selection specially made for La Centrale électrique by Glòria Picazo, curator and Director of the Centre d’Art la Panera.

This diverse and questioning exhibition on young Spanish art wants the public to reflect on our society evoking emotion, interpellation, adhesion or rebuttal. Paintings, photographs, videos and installations lead the visitor into a whirlwind of ideas which can provoke or bring about peace of mind.

The Collection of the Centre d’Art la Panera, started in 1997, brings together important work of young artists, representative for the evolution and research of Contemporary Spanish and Catalan Art.

© Alberto Peral, Piscina, 1994-1999. (Colección Centre d’Art la Panera)