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The experience of working in different disciplines (dance, design) has led Doris Boerman (born in Arnhem, Netherlands, 1988) to her interest in different forms of presentation- and re-presentation models. Working within different contexts and involving the space of presentation in the work are new and important aspects of Doris Boerman’s work. Dualities such as authentic and constructed, private and public, autonomous art and applied design are among her main fascinations.

The past year, Doris Boerman has been working on the overlapping aspects between the person as a presentation model for the self and the exhibition space as a presentation model for art. Overlapping material aspects between, for example, clothing and painting; decorative aspects as jewelry or framing; and the suggestion of the exhibition wall as the skin of a person became a part of her visual vocabulary. Quite recently she has started to integrate performance into her visual work in which she aims to connect the performers and the work exhibited.



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