Distant Proximity

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This project offers a dive into time of the work and of the gaze, or rather the ‘times’ and the ‘gazes’. It brings together recollections of reality, urbanity, reminiscences of the past, of the future of the world which surrounds us… like as many ways of ‘being in the world’. Like as many revelations of ‘the emotional burden of the real’. The artists brought together, of different origins and generations, particularly question the proximity to and the distance from the external world by means of works of a great interiority.
The paradoxical heading (distant proximity) involves the creator when faced with their creation, just as much as the spectator who discovers the work.
This project implies that it is not the visible which is decisive in an image but rather the form of the comparisons that the spectator makes. This approach considers any perception as a communication or a communion, as the resumption or the completion by the spectator of an unfamiliar intention or as a joining of our body with things. It is this experience ‘of seeing as a feeling’ which is offered to the visitor to Distant Proximity.