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David Ayoun presents the project fold (09.12.2021 > 13.03.2022) at CENTRALE | box.

As a child of “creolisation”, David Ayoun develops work that explores and questions the transformation of the body and its perceptions in its relationship to technique and memory. His practice is situated at the crossroads of image and dance, language and the unconscious, ritual and dream. Through a principle of sensitive and burlesque displacement, he deploys the fragility of simple or virtuoso, digital or archaic gestures.

His installations are designed to enter into dialogue with architecture. The viewers are solicited in their perceptions, their bodily awareness and their mobility. Ayoun pays particular attention to frame, space, time and sound. Several of his collaborations with artists, researchers, choreographers, music composers or digital programmers contribute to the construction of a project that transcend both genres and disciplines.

In fold, a series of pieces enter into dialogue in the exhibition space, articulated around the notion of folding. The fold of a body, of a limb, of a fabric, the fold of an image or a sculpture… Immersed in the exhibition space, the visitor’s body resonates with the installation, questioning the reality and virtuality of the space in which our bodies are potentially (dis)incarnated.

fold plays with an ambiguity between verb and noun. Between a call to action, an act or a result. The notion runs through the exhibition in waves, ranging from the
lines unfurled from a body over which you can run your fingers, the broken lines of tilted mirrors, right through to compressing inflated objects … everything is a matter of fold. Bouncing on space hoppers, listening to a five-voice madrigal and faced with moving images that echo them, visitors are immersed in the installation.
Come in and fold a fraction of the time-space…” – David Ayoun

Laureate 2021 Watch this space, Contemporary art Biennale coordinated by 50° nord, contemporary art network
Associate artist at la malterie, Lille






With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


Exhibition view: Fold, CENTRALE | box © Philippe de Gobert, december 2021


Place Sainte-Catherine 44
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Closed on public holidays (25.12.2021 ; 01.01.2022)

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