Annabelle GUETATRA


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Comic and tragic. Temperate and excessive. Sober and frivolous. Delicate and decisive. Lively and morbid. Poetic and terrifying. The characters that inhabit these disconcerting worlds originate in fairy tales, legends, mythology; in the imaginary nourished by the artist’s travels. The protagonists, men and women, come into contact with animals, fish and birds and here and there objects from everyday life, such as a box, a chair or a tap. There is beauty in these works in which the colour employed so sparingly explodes as if with joy. There is repulsion too. Fear is generated, but gently. Ever elusive, the dreamlike drawings remain enigmatic because the characters might whisper their stories to us but they fail to reveal all their secrets. It’s down to us to discover, to be filled with wonder and to open our eyes! – Camille Perotti, 2011

© Annabelle GUETATRA