Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard

Le spectacle

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Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard present the exhibition Le spectacle at CENTRALE | box (20.04 > 17.09.2023).

Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard are multidisciplinary artists who work with installation, sculpture, textiles and video. Angélique Aubrit mainly creates textile works, according to the Do It Yourself principle. Ludovic Beillard sculpts wood. These two practices converge to give life to floating, present or absent characters. Inspired by genre cinema and philosophical sources, their characters are also witnesses to the impossible communication that characterises the human condition. We find them in a universe where stories, legends, theatre of the absurd and medieval imaginary worlds are combined with our contemporary times. The duo does not keep the audience at a distance, each work seems to whisper to the person who encounters it: “that could be you…”.

Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard are interested in the question of the device, whether in the cinema, in amusement parks, in the theatre or in museums. When the two artists work on a set, it is not a question of imitating reality, but of playing with pretences, impressions of déjà vu and the blurring of scales.

Laureates of the City of Brussels > Médiatine Prize 2022


With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


Place Sainte-Catherine 44
1000 Brussels
WED > SUN 10:30 > 18:00

Closed on public holidays (01.05.2023)

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