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La Centrale Electrique

Agorafolly Inside
27 artistic installations for Europe

Agorafolly Inside welcomes 27 promising young talents, one from each Member State of the EU. On the topic of national identity, these artists give us their ideas on identity and country with existing or new works. Sometimes funny and full of wit, sometimes harsh and unflattering, it’s their view on diversity in the European Union.

Agorafolly Outside
Artists trail

For many centuries, market places and public squares have played a central role in European society, where traders, artists, troubadours and churchgoers met each other. As of October 13th, the City of Brussels offers to transform 27 squares in the heart of Brussels by those 27 artists (all aged under 35). That way, for two months the City becomes THE meeting place for contemporary European Art.
An audio guide is available at La Centrale électrique.

© Antonio Pio Saracino, Mother’s instinct, 2007