Zone de Troc II – Pélagie Gbaguidi

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Zone de Troc II – Pélagie Gbaguidi
Performative installation – premiere
CENTRALE for contemporary art (showcase Place Sainte-Catherine)
Free entrance
Marché sans Objets is in open air

On the occasion of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (07.05 > 30.05.2021), Pélagie Gbaguidi occupies the showcase of CENTRALE (on Place Sainte-Catherine) and proposes the project Zone de Troc II. More info.

In Zone de Troc II, Pélagie Gbaguidi opens up a participative space in which visitors can deposit or take away objects, stories, drawings, secrets and letters. Zone de Troc II – a barter-zone –  dreams up alternative exchanges that can take place during the economic crisis that is sure to follow the Covid-19 pandemic. She also revives the possibility of interactions with others, particularly strangers, that the pandemic has weakened or restructured to adhere to a principle of necessary isolation. The venue – a former hairdresser’s – becomes an incubator for regenerating an ecology of relationships and a new type of economy, using strategies to overturn the established order. Over a period of three weeks, a hairdresser, musicians and a tarot card reader will take turns meeting the public, and once a week an outdoor market-without-objects will also be held. For many years now, Pélagie Gbaguidi has created forms of productions in her artistic practice that contribute to metamorphoses in society. Zone de Troc II is part of a reflection on the exchange of useful and symbolic goods that have been liberated from a liberal, monetised economy.

Discover the work of Pélagie Gbaguidi also on the occasion of the forum-exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL II : (25.03 > 12.09.2021)

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