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10.04 / 24.04 / 08.05 / 22.05.2019 – 14:00 > 16:00 – € 5 (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)
Intergenerational workshops (from 8 years)

Info and reservations :  – 02 279 64 44

[ATELIERS] Camille Mezi from Centralebrussels on Vimeo.

Workshops led by the artist Camille Mezi in the frame of the exhibition Sophie Whettnall – Etel Adnan.

Memories of landscapes, sceneries that we love, those we imagine, those that frighten us… We shall try to translate the impressions that nature and its landscapes leaves on us through the use of various materials and techniques.

10/04 – Landscape dough

During this first workshop, we will create “miniature landscapes” using previously coloured salt dough. Everyone will call upon their memories of landscapes to try and reproduce some elements or to imagine a brand-new scene. Each participant will create a small piece made up of mini-sculptures onto which small motifs will be attached using easy-to-handle tools. The whole will form a painting-landscape made up of real or abstract, colourful and textured forms.

24/04 – Ink landscape

The landscape is once again at the core of this workshop where pigment ink and bits of fabric are used to create paintings on textile. Textiles offers those who paint it great surprises as the liquid ink spreads out, colours fade or reinforce, superimpose and blend.

08/05 – Drawing threads

During this workshop, we shall attempt to create or reinterpret a landscape using textile threads as drawing tools. Cut, folded and stuck, the threads will generate motifs and illustrations.

22/05 – Cut/coloured drawing

For this last workshop, we will use several techniques: painting, drawing, cutting and collage. Participants will make elements of a landscape that they can then texture (by applying salt on ink for instance) in a painting or a drawing. Some elements from these experiments will then be cut and stuck to create landscapes oscillating between reality and fantasy.

Camille Mezi

Camille Mezi obtained her degree in Textile Design before pursuing a Master in Textile Arts and Sculpture. She simultaneously works several techniques including sculpture, tapestry, drawing and painting. Camille Mezi draws her inspiration from her everyday surroundings, from the objects and spaces around her and that she dug up from her past and that live in the field of her memories. Through her creations, the artist shares her everyday observations of her universe. Her interpretations are not the result of fantasy phenomenon but instead, reflect ordinary reality and everyday beauty.