SOLD OUT – Vocal performance by Bernard Massuir

Vocal performance by Bernard Massuir
26.01.2024 – 19:00
€12 (performance + exhibition). Register here.

As an actor, clown, musician, composer and vocal acrobat, Bernard Massuir (Born in Belgium, 1963) is also a stage director.

“Bernard Massuir’s textless singing is all breath, onomatopoeia, aerial volutes and whispers.” (Le Soir, 28 August 2022)

Bernard Massuir has always dreamed of interpreting works of art, of transposing sculptural forms into the field of his medium which is the voice, improvisation and musical emotion. The artist has therefore been asked by the guest curator François de Coninck to create a vocal piece directly inspired by the exhibition L’art de rien. He will choose some of the works himself and perform them for the audience.