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Beth/Veth (2012)
Solo and electronic instrument, mixed electronic music
For piano, percussion and electronic device (one performer)
Duration 50′
11/03/12 Ars Musica Festival Royal Conservatory of Brussels (Brussels)
by Stéphane Ginsburgh

Beth/Veth is part of a concept which I call “gentle electronics”. The piano, equipped with a motion sensor system, interacts with its environment. The electronic installation Veth consists of a Max/MSP patch controlling a footage bank and sound behaviours, modulated by various movement parameters which are captured around it. Broadcasting takes place in situ through vibrators which are placed inside the piano. When a pianist sits at the instrument and begins to play a specific score (Beth), the electronics undertake successive operations so that the piano accompanies itself…
Beth/Veth contains three different pieces in fact:
– Veth, an installation for piano, with sensors and vibrators: a solitary piano growls and rustles, like a neglected animal or abandoned ship…
– Beth, score for piano and metallic percussion (one performer only): a long “extended” composition for piano (circa 45’), which turns its back on virtuosity and scenic seduction, and unfolds like a meditation on time passing and the wonder of being left unresolved.
– Beth/Veth, score-installation for piano, percussion, sensors and vibrators (simulation). Beth and Veth are the two possible pronunciations of the same Hebrew letter, the one which opens the Torah: “Berèshit”, In the beginning..
If Beth is played on a piano equipped with Veth (Beth on Veth), then “something” happens, something more than just Beth or Veth individually. A third option, like a revelation: a sustained fall, an inner song, a nautical joyride in cloudy weather.
Beth/Veth has been composed in co-production with Numediart and the Henri Pousseur Centre. The composition and the Beth/Veth interpretation have been made possible with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
Beth/Veth is dedicated to Stéphane Ginsburgh, as a friendly gesture during the Lettres Soufies. (J-L F.)

The Veth installation will last from 25 to 29 May.
Stéphane Ginsburgh will perform several interpretations of Beth on Veth on Saturday 28 May, with a final performance at 6.30 pm.