SVEN ‘T JOLLE, (Casse-toi alors) pauvre canard ! – Inauguration

SVEN 'T JOLLE, Casse-toi alors pauvre canard !

Inauguration of the artwork (Casse-toi alors) pauvre canard ! by Sven ‘t Jolle
27.04.2024, 14:00 > 15:00
Place Sainte-Catherine

The sculpture Casse-toi alors pauvre canard ! by Belgian artist Sven ‘t Jolle represents Balthazar Scrooge McDuck, a character who symbolises the capitalist greed in Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comic strip as the archetype of the ultimate rich man that was often staged by the popular (protest) imagination. The anthropomorphic duck is shown sitting on a beam covered in tar and feathers, a punishment that was in use in the Middle Ages and in the Wild West as a sign of public humiliation and banishment from society. The title of the work is a variation of the remark of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (“Casse-toi, pauv’ con”) to a man who refused to shake his hand. In line with his approach, Sven ‘t Jolle distorts several elements of popular and media culture with this surreal work that is both humorous and socially and systemically critical.

Work acquired by the City of Brussels in 2011 as part of the project Art in the City.

The artist is represented by the PLUS ONE Gallery (Antwerp) and Galerie Laurent Godin (Paris)

In partnership with 

Ph : Gregory Copitet, courtesy of the artist and galerie Laurent Godin