Subjective cartography. Art workshop for children steered by artist Marion Fabien

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Subjective cartography. Art workshop for children steered by artist Marion Fabien – Full (no more places available)
Collecting / drawing / painting / tracings / cartography / prints/ photography / typography / scale models / architecture

During this week of workshops, we will explore CENTRALE and its neighbourhood, sideways and across, from Place Sainte-Catherine to the canal, in a constant to-and-fro between the outside and the studio. Sometimes, we will even move our studio to the public space.

Observing our environment, observing what the public space is made of, being attentive to smells and sounds, measuring space, cataloguing trees, drawing them, making graphical surveys, collecting and gleaning fragments, observing houses, counting bus shelters… Based on reality and our observations, we will invent a new cartography that reflects our craziest feelings and desires! An imaginary, sensitive, personal, subjective map. CENTRALE will become a lighthouse, the canal will become an ocean, and the trams will be transformed into boats! Everything will be possible!

What would our ideal neighbourhood look like? How do we translate emotions into drawings? What do colours tell us? Drawing, painting, typography, pictograms, patterns, grids…our map will be built up gradually, in successive layers, it may even emerge from the paper to unfold in space in volume: scale model, folding, pop-up, objects…

If you have the soul of an explorer, a cartographer or an architect, this workshop is for you!


Practical details :

15.02.2021 > 19.02.2021

Schedule: 9am-4pm (day-care from 8.30am to 5pm)

Bring your own snack and picnic. Drinks provided. Dress in comfortable clothing that can be dirtied.

Limited number of places.

Rate: € 100 per child – € 80 for the second child

Facilitator: Marion Fabien

Age: 7-12 years old

Language : FR

Information and bookings (before 08.02.2021) :